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"Take 10" Prayer Challenge 

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We are asking you to pray for 10 minutes each day for a specific topic for 28 days in May and June. To make it simple, each 10 minutes is split into 2 topics for 5 minutes each and for each one pray for :-

  • Give thanks
  • Pray for Vision
  • Pray for Protection

These are split into weekly blocks covering :-

  • Departmental Areas
  • Church Elders, the new pastor and his wife and yourself
  • Worship Team; Preachers and Conveners
  • Your neighbourhood and Community
  • Children's and Youth Ministries
  • Family Ministry
  • Ladies' Ministry
  • Men's Ministry

Each weekly block consists of 6 days,  the seventh day being either a Saturday, or Sunday (your choice) and on that day pray either for the coming Sunday services, or the service that just happened and the members of the congregation who attend / will watch on-line

For details of each weekly block for May and June, please click on the links below :-

May Weekly Details
June Weekly Details

For a printable monthly summary grid, please click on the links below :-

May Prayer Grid
June Prayer Grid

For information on the 12 Departmental Areas of ministry referred to in this prayer challenge, please click on the link below :-

Departmental Areas of Ministry